About Us

Rockwell Tactical Group LLC. officially formed in late 2010, but unofficially has been around for years. What started as a Green Beret showing a few friends some shooting tips while home on leave, has grown into our Rockwell-Mindset training methodologies.

Our veteran personnel have a wide range of experience and expertise, which they learned when serving in the Elite units of this nation. As Special Forces Soldiers, they have attended numerous specialty schools and have multiple combat deployments. They know what works and what is just fluff. With this expertise and their special skill sets, they have trained and advised US and foreign troops around the world. Some of our consultants still wear the flag in defense of our Nation.

Our "civilian" personnel also have a vast scope of expertise and experience. They have built custom AR-15 platform firearms for 15 years and developed field and shooting gear for over 20 years. Our resident computer expert has over 15 years as a professional software developer and architect at many Fortune 500 companies. He has designed and developed mobile applications at one of the world's largest electronic retailers. He has designed and implemented systems across the entire retail space, including mobile (iPhone and Android), web and financial.

Our own introduction to the use of firearms was varied. One started with his grandfather teaching him at the age of 5. Another did competition pistol shooting with his father as a teenager. One of us was on his high school varsity rifle team. With hundreds of years worth of combined shooting experience, we have learned correct principles and have employed them in combat... And we are committed to sharing what we know with you.

We offer all forms of media and experience for you: from personalized, hands-on firearms training, to seminars and smart phone apps, just to name a few.

Most importantly, we love this nation and the principles of freedom it was founded upon. The use of arms is not only a Right, it is a Responsibility. We are here to help you bear that Responsibility.