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  • AK Basics
  • Basic Wilderness Skills 101
  • Basic Wilderness Skills 201
  • Concealed Carry
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Glock Basics
  • Rockwell First Aid
  • Rockwell Mindset
  • Tactical Carbine
  • Tactical Pistol

Hands-On Tactical

  • AK 101
  • AK 201
  • Applied Concealed Carry
  • Beginning Pistol
  • Carbine / Rifle 101
  • Carbine / Rifle 201
  • Carbine / Rifle 301
  • Carbine / Rifle Sustainment
  • Carbine and Pistol 101
  • Carbine and Pistol Sustainment
  • Defensive Shotgun 101
  • Pistol 101
  • Pistol 151
  • Pistol 201
  • Pistol 301
  • Pistol Sustainment

Hands-On Medical

  • Applied TCCC
  • Basic TCCC
  • Shooter First Aid


  • 72-Hour Emergency Kits
  • Emergency Food Storage

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Mobile Training Specialists

Rockwell Tactical Group specializes in "Mobile Training": We bring the training to you. As soldiers in the US Military, our instructors have operated and trained both in the US and around the world. No matter what ranges or equipment was available at the time, they were able to provide the same level of expert training. Now, this same training is available to you.

We will come to your local range and deliver real-world, principle-based training. We are based out of the central Pennsylvania area, and have trained at various ranges in the region, as well as in surrounding states. Pricing will depend on distance of travel and scope of the course. A site survey by one of our instructors will need to be conducted prior to any hands-on training course. Contact us with questions and requests for our mobile training - we will be happy to work with you.

Because of restrictions placed on American businesses by the US Government, many of our courses of instruction are only available to US Citizens. Due to these restrictions, only US citizens will be allowed to participate in any of the ROCKWELL TACTICAL GROUP firearm and medical courses. A valid picture ID will be required to enroll in all courses and seminars.


"For years I've been looking for the kind of tactical training that Rockwell delivers - the type of training that will take my firearms skills to the next level. So far I've taken five courses; Mindset, Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carbine, Shooter First Aid and the 72 hour Emergency Kit. Each course is full of real world information and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. They're highly professional and treat everyone with respect. Thanks to Rockwell Tactical, I've changed my entire outlook on my own mindset and personal security. Through their training, I've modified my shooting stance and control of my firearms, as well as gained some vital life saving skills in the event that I myself, my family, friends, or associates are seriously injured. During Hurricane Sandy I decided that if we made it through, I'd take the 72 Hour Kit course. I'm glad I did. The class is loaded with information and I've already begun modifying my own emergency kit. Don't wait for the next potential disaster. More than anything else, I'm looking forward to the Pistol 1, Carbine 1 and TCCC courses when they're made available."
- Gary M.

"I am a mom of three young children. I have shot firearms and felt like I knew the basics, but I wanted more. The only problem was I didn't know where I fit it. Where does a stay at home mom go to learn how to protect herself and her children? I heard about Rockwell Tactical and some of the classes they provide. After reading about the Rockwell Mindset class I decided to give it a try. The class was amazing! I felt very welcome and absolutely no intimidation from the instructor. I left the class feeling confident in the new information I had learned, and I practice the skills every day. After my experience in that first class I knew I had found what I was looking for. Since then I have had some more training and look forward to attending more classes. Rockwell Tactical provides an environment where you know your getting top of the line training."
- Emily

"Highly recommended!!! I have been through their tactical pistol, rifle, and the combined pistol-rifle training as well as their Rockwell Mindset seminar. I owe every bit of my tactical knowledge to these guys. Before the first courses they helped me build my first couple AR15s (then they multiplied like rabbits) Unbelievable amount of expert know-how and they are willing to share any of their skills for the greater good. Totally professional group, if you organize anything with them, you will not be disappointed."
- Ross

"Great group of honorable, motivated guys! I've been into ARs for approximately 10 years and pistols for 20 or more years. Been through their basic carbine, basic handgun as well as transition from carbine to handgun classes. They offer a wealth of knowledge. The experience of going through these classes has changed my life. Learned more in those few short days than in all the previous years combined. The Rockwell mindset class gives you a roadmap of how to read and react to this increasingly dangerous world. Thank you brothers."
- Mark, Chiropractor

"I consider my firearms background to be only modest. It includes recreational shooting as a kid with my dad, obtaining a concealed-carry permit, attending a four-day defensive handgun course and, most recently, minimal firearms training as an officer in the U.S. Army JAG Corps. I have also sought to cultivate the warrior ethos by physical training, reading books like On Combat and On Killing by Dave Grossman and by completing Army schools such as Airborne and Air Assault. While I have long dreamed of becoming that warrior masquerading as an attorney, I never felt that I was actually on the path to making it a reality. Enter Rockwell Tactical. Spending one day under the tutelage of a Rockwell instructor formed and sealed my foundation as a combat shooter. I believe Rockwell accomplished this by insisting on an extremely low student-to-teacher ratio, by utilizing drills that harness natural consequences, and, simply, by doing these drills with the help of coaching until we proved to ourselves the truth they were designed to reveal. My personal breakthrough was discovering the way proper mindset and proper stance are mutually reinforcing. I'm still blown away by Jared's multiple demonstrations of the speed, accuracy and mobility that are possible from the foundation he gave us. In comparison to the four-day handgun course and multiple days of military firearms training, Rockwell far exceeds them in value, efficiency, individual coaching and attention, professionalism, and measurable shooter improvement. Whoever said "those who can, do; those who can't, teach" didn't know Rockwell Tactical."
- Name withheld upon request

"I recently attended the Rockwell Mindset seminar by Rockwell Tactical. The instructor's forthright manner, honest approach and real-world background serve to reinforce the subject matter. His personal anecdotes and review of actual situations put a friendly face and personal viewpoint on the serious nature of the course subject. As a long time shooter and LTCF holder, I found the information presented to fill in a lot of the "holes" in my own training. While most civilian shooters will hopefully never need the information and tactics; it behooves us to maintain the mental acuity and practice the techniques involved. As a remedial or refresher course, the tips are sure to point out deficiencies in our routine. The novice may find the information overwhelming; but it is a good starting point, considering the dramatic nature of the change in mental state necessary to avail one's self of the option to use deadly force. I am looking forward to further and future classes and the possibility of live-fire demonstrations and training."
- Paul, NRA Pistol Instructor (ret.)

"As a beginning firearms fanatic, the training I received from Rockwell Tactical greatly increased my confidence with firearms and from the start of my course until the end, I found myself shooting more accurately with each successive drill that was run as my confidence soared. I definitely plan to participate in more advanced shooting courses with Rockwell Tactical."
- Alex, Novice Shooter