Rockwell Tactical Group


Make life happen instead of letting life happen.

It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and those you love. It’s our job to give you the tools, the skills, and the mindset to be successful.


We are Rockwell Tactical.

We are a training company based in Central Pennsylvania, teaching all levels of weapons training. We have some of the most qualified, knowledgeable and well-respected trainers in the country who have used their skills throughout their military and law enforcement careers. Regardless of the instructor or the class, though, the foundation of everything we teach is the “Rockwell mindset.” In any situation, the gun is simply the tool. Your mind is the real weapon. And, having the proper mindset can be the difference between failure and success.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to arm themselves with the knowledge and experience to protect themselves and their loves ones. Our classes range from beginner – students who have never handled a firearm – to experienced – those of us who have been around the block but want to keep their skills sharp, and perhaps even learn something new.

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Jared Ross - Founder and Head Instructor

Jared Ross has served in the Army since 2002. A former 82nd ABN 11 Bravo, but he spent the majority of his active duty career as an 18B, Green Beret Weapons Sergeant. He has done multiple combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other glamorous places around the world. He has trained and led multiple US and foreign soldiers. In mid-2012, after spending several years with one of the active duty Special Forces Groups (SFGs), he transferred to one of the National Guard SFGs. He served as an instructor for the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat course. When not deployed or otherwise busy, he has helped run the Marksmanship and the Force on Force portions of it. He also has completed the Special Operations Combat Medic course.
Jared started Rockwell Tactical Group late 2010. After leaving active duty in 2012, he has been running RTG full time. He has taught thousands of students in multiple firearms platforms and medical classes. His Mindset Seminar is one of RTG’s most popular offerings.