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RTG Medical Everyday Carry Kit

RTG Medical Everyday Carry Kit


All RTG Individual First-Aid Kits or IFAK’s come sealed in sterilized bags.  This gives you the option to keep it sealed and store it in a location until you need it.  It also allows you to remove the contents to pack your own bag or pouch according to your needs.    


The Rockwell Tactical Group Every Day Carry Kit

This kit is created for you to be small and convenient to carry in a pocket or other location, so it can be with you always.  It is designed to control and stop hemorrhage.  At the range, in the store, out in the woods, you never know when the need may arise.   Keeping this kit on you at all times will help if and when you need to stop the bleeding. 

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The RTG EDC kit contains:

(1) Resealable bag (can be used as an improvised occlusive dressing)
(1) One Pair of blue Nitrile Gloves

(1) One Orange SWAT-T Tourniquet
(1) One Celox Rapid 5’ Hemostatic Gauze


The SWAT-T is a latex-free, multipurpose device that can be used as a tourniquet, pressure dressing, and elastic bandage.  It has been used by various RTG personal around the world.


How CELOX Works

When the active ingredients in CELOX come into contact with blood, they quickly swell, gel, and stop bleeding. CELOX's powerful clotting ingredients work independently of the body's normal clotting processes, and they only gel with the blood they come directly into contact with. CELOX delivers potentially life-saving power as it stops bleeding, reduces blood loss, and in the event of severe bleeding, helps prevent shock.