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New website, new blog.  I started this company to get good training out to good people.  This blog will be part of the voice of RTG and a way for us to share our thoughts and experience with you.  Let’s start it out with a true story. 

I was 21 and working a couple of jobs.  One of which was working at a convenience store in Willow Street, PA.  One evening while I was working, some local kids came in and were concerned.  They just saw two shady guys pull up in a car and saw one flash a pistol.  I had my concealed carry permit. I had my first pistol, which I was carrying appendix.  I was ready in case they tried something.  The two guys walked in and started looking around.  I struck up a defensive stance behind the counter ready to draw if I needed to. 

Thank goodness they left.  I was so unprepared for anything.  I probably would have shot myself in the leg as I drew my pistol, let alone actually being able to defend myself. 

20+ years later, with a world of experience and training under my belt, it has become my calling to teach and share what I have learned.  I want you to be empowered and prepared through real training, so you are ready if and when that moment arrives in your life -- unlike me, at the age of 21.  The future is bright, I can’t wait to see you sweat out on the range!

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