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What Do Our Students Say About RTG's Force-on-Force Training?







Our series of Force on Force classes are some of the most important training we offer.  Gaining the experience of working and training against a live opponent/role player is invaluable.   Whether it’s learning step-by-step how to clear a room, or being placed in a lethal encounter simulation, the stress is real, and the growth of the student is unmatched.  Here is a selection of reviews and thoughts by students who have taken these RTG Force on Force classes:

Mike Fiore
Instructors: Garry Marr, Jared Ross

The course: I will refrain from talking about specific scenarios, as that would detract from the experience of someone yet to take the class… but in a more general sense this is a class about decisions. The decision you make when shit starts hitting the fan.

Other training classes teach you the “how’s”. How to shoot, how to move, how to communicate, etc. But this class is decidedly different. Because this isn't a class. It’s a test.

Some people don't like to be put to the test, because they don't like taking a chance that they may fail. It’s a ton of fun to take all the “tacticool” classes with carbines and night vision… and it’s an awesome feeling to practice your skills at home, so that when you come to class, you look like a slick operator in front of the other students. Make no mistake… this class is not going to give you that awesome boost of sweet, sweet confidence. This class will humble the fuck out of you… it will hurt… and it will make you a better fighter.

As I’m sure you’re aware… this class uses Force-on-Force “FX” rounds… they hurt. There’s no mincing words on that. They leave marks that heal… But each one will a little painful reminder of you what you could have done differently. That is the edge we’ll have over the scumbags. We rehearse… We treat this shit like it’s skill to master… They do it out of desperation, and hope that the dude they’re fuckin’ with is unprepared.

Taking a class like this helps you build a rolodex in your head of things you should and should not do in tense situations. Some things you’ll do right, and that will feel good. Some things you’ll do incredibly wrong, and you’ll feel like garbage… and that is where the magic happens. Because nothing sticks in your head more than making a mistake that is made in the context of a life and death situation. A Dynamic Force on Force allows you to immerse into the mindset, without the actual risk of dying.

Highlights: Any scenario where I made the “correct” decision… and didn’t get shot.

Location: Guardian Training Center in Warminster, PA. This place is super clean, safe, and friendly. Awesome staff and FX shoot house upstairs. By far the best indoor range I’ve ever been to.

Gear: NSR Glock 19 Holster, NSR pocket spare mag holder, Surefire Tactician Flashlight, Ankle Med Kit, paintball mask, kneepads, pen & paper

My insights: I need to be more decisive. I tend to hesitate once I draw my pistol, even though there is an obvious threat that needs shooting.

Also, always check your spare magazine. If you’re carrying a Glock 17 and you also own a Glock 19… Don’t ever fucking assume that the mag you grab will fit into the big gun. Because when your life depends on it, you will grab the short mag that doesn't fit.

Tim Nudd
If you need an eye-opening class that teaches you more about your gear and how to deal with situations, then RTG force on force is the way to go.

Ty Holmes
It was a good class with a lot of good scenarios. The role players did a good job of not beating me up too much, but enough to let you know that you had made a poor decision. I personally would've liked a little more feedback from the instructors on how to improve and what to improve on. However, it is made clear and known that this is not what this class is for.
Scenarios are well set up to point out spots you need to work on. In my tiny opinion though, more AAR of each scenario would be beneficial. Just not sure how that would work out in the schedule of the day?





Mike Trantas
The FoF class was a serious eye-opener for me.
I know you are the instructor (and I am proud of you for that) but you really did a great job in my mind

Kita Santiago
Dynamic Force on Force is a physical and emotional rollercoaster that will show you how you react under adrenaline. Scenarios of everyday life, whether it be the at gas station, ATM, or even at the restaurant with a loved one. This class puts you in your place and not in a negative manner whatsoever. The values you learn in this class are unbelievable. I prefer to practice/learn in this class before you learn the hard way out on the street. I highly recommend anyone to partake in this class. You will be with live role players, given a scenario and the rest is in your hands...  What will you do?

Jim Carney
I went into the training with no prior knowledge of what I was walking into. I just figured it was another course similar to the mindset course I attended.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived and heard the chatter of what we were going to be doing. I really thought in the back of my head, “I have this. I have always handled situations in the street well.” I hit it off with a few of the participants.

Man, was I surprised. I shit the bed on every situation we were run through. It was a very challenging day. Mentally, emotionally and physically. It pushed me to the edge of my limit.

I am so glad I attended and look forward to doing more of these scenario trainings. I live differently from what I learned at this training. It has been a few months since I attended. I still on a daily basis process and think about that day. I look at every situation different.


Kurt Owen.

I just wanted to thank you for the force on force class last Saturday.

I particularly liked the first scenario, I thought was a great way to drive that home.  

I think you are a good instructor and appreciate your time and effort.

Gary Ernest
Rockwell Tactical
Dynamic Force on Force 101
If you are interested in seeing how much your practice, or lack of, affects your performance these are the classes for you.  You will most likely see how unprepared you are, which is a good thing, as it shows you where you need to improve.  Like we were told in the class, the live fire classes are where we learn the skills and the force on force is the test.  It helped me realize the type of person I thought and hoped I am, one that will go towards the fight and try to protect others to the best of my abilities, that I can put that front sight post on another human being when needed and not when it’s not needed.  I know I didn’t do every scenario right, but there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong decision in these real-life scenarios. We use real handguns that are retrofitted to fire paint-marking rounds to make the experience as real as possible. You will have large adrenaline dumps, with heavy breathing and tunnel vision, it’ll be an emotional experience.  Be in a restaurant with a loved one and no means to protect yourself or the ones you’re with and you’ll realize how important a class like this is.  I am a multiple-class alumni of Rockwell Tactical and this was by far the most eye-opening class I’ve taken thus far.  I am a permit-holding, concealed carrier in the state of Pennsylvania and I would carry when I could, forget my gun and say “all well, I’m only going to the store”,  but not anymore… it’s with me at all times now. Maybe not on my person but always within arm’s reach.  Take these classes, it WILL open your eyes to the potential dangers that surround us.


Tom Akre
AAR for Dynamic Force on Force 103 with Rockwell Tactical:
I took this class because I’ve done force on force previously and has been the most important and influential training I've had thus far. In my opinion, everyone who carries a gun needs to do force on force training.
This class was taught by Garry Marr and Jared Ross. Both instructors were very knowledgeable, professional, adept communicators, and had a great sense of humour. It was hosted by Guardian Training Center in PA and the shoothouse and supporting facilities were outstanding.
The class started with a brief lecture. Everyone was then cleared of weapons and FOF safety protocols were conducted. The students were then given a paintball mask, a simunition gun (glock 17 or M&P frame with a UTM slide), a spare magazine, a cell phone. Each student then ran through an individual scenario in the shoothouse. The scenarios varied widely and were highly realistic. All were likely to be the type of trouble an average Joe might run into. The student was forced to make tough decisions, interact with other people, call 911 under stress, treat injuries, and fight gun battles. There were about 12 scenarios in the class, total.
About ⅓ of the scenarios were no shoots, where the student should not have used lethal force. Another ⅓ were definite shoot situations, where the student should have used their gun. The last ⅓ could go either way and the student had to decide. A big take-away for many was gaining the ability to quickly determine what action(s) were appropriate. Hard lessons were learned.
After each scenario, the student went back to the classroom and wrote down what happened with a detailed questionnaire for the notes of the student. When all students were done with a drill, the instructor broke it down and we discussed the lessons we learned as well as observations, tips, comedy, etc.
Doing the scenarios is hard to describe and one really has to try it first hand to understand. The adrenaline is flowing and often craziness ensues. You learn things about yourself on a deep level. It also exposes the weaknesses in your mindset, tactics, and skills that break down under stress. It's a really humbling experience in a positive way that grows you. I learned a lot.
As far as gear, bring all the recommended stuff. I recommend thick clothing, a cup, and a pair of mechanix gloves. Also bring training medical gear identical to what you carry so that you can use it in the scenarios.
I highly recommend the class to people of all training levels. You could take the class as your first class but it might be best to take a 2-day pistol class first. If it were me, I would not take a 2nd pistol class before doing a FOF class. It's the closest thing you can get to real gunfight experience without actually being in a gunfight.
Let me know if you have any questions and I would be glad to help.
I don't know when the next one is but you should go because it's awesome and I'll probably be one of the bad guys. ;)


Abigail RossComment