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Trigger Reset


Here’s what trigger reset is in a nut-shell: When you first fire your weapon, you squeeze the trigger with your finger until the round goes off. Now, slowly release the trigger until you feel (and sometimes hear) a click. When you feel the click, stop releasing the trigger as this is your weapon’s trigger reset point.  The firearm is now mechanically ready to fire again. Notice that this position is a lot closer to the firing position than if you had released the trigger fully. Now, squeeze the trigger again until it fires, but BE CAREFUL as there’s really no more trigger slack to account for. You might be surprised at first, but with practice it will become second nature.

Please note that if you’re wearing gloves, take them off when you’re first learning your weapon’s trigger reset point as you might not be able to feel it accurately. Once you become familiar with your weapon, you can put your gloves back on.  The text below was actually sent into us as a testimonial for one of our Carbine classes, but the author did such a fine job of explaining the benefits of trigger reset, that I thought I’d share it with you here.

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“I have attended many RTG courses and have greatly improved my skill with a carbine and sidearm through this. Amongst many great skills and tricks learned, I gained the most from ‘trigger reset’. Trigger reset greatly improves accuracy, speed, and control with semi-auto firearms. In my opinion, it is the single most important skill concerning the use a weapon in combat. This simple concept is the basis for many other tactics involving the use of the firearm, including shooting while moving, controlled pairs, and engaging multiple targets. This concept is very simple but is essential to being effective.

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Trigger reset is the method for accurately firing rapidly. The concept is to let off the trigger after firing until the firearm is reset and ready to fire again. Doing this rather than letting completely off the trigger improves control and helps prevent jerking the trigger. If you let completely off the trigger, when your finger returns to the trigger it can easily jerk the trigger left or right, sacrificing accuracy. This gives you the ability to fire rapidly, without losing accuracy.  This concept was very eye-opening for me. It proved to me that shooting rapidly does not mean losing accuracy. By gaining this one skill, my confidence in my effectiveness skyrocketed. The possession of this skill changed my mindset of how I engage targets. With this knowledge, I can now engage targets quickly and be effective. Without this skill, I could either shoot quickly or accurately, never both at the same time. This concept is the fundamental building block for effectiveness in combat.

 The basis of shooting rapidly while retaining accuracy opens the door to effectively shooting while moving. Shooting while moving is a key aspect of combat. When you are moving you are at your most vulnerable and need to be able to eliminate threats as they arise. Trigger reset gives you that ability. With this strong foundation of a trigger reset, shooting while moving is no longer just a diversion but an effective tactic. Controlled pairs are a group of two shots fired in rapid succession. This is a great tool for quickly dropping targets. This concept is the primary use of trigger reset. After firing the first shot, you reset the trigger and quickly reacquire the target. After this you immediately fire the second shot. This concept is used for ensuring an effective hit on a target and is another key asset added to your arsenal derived from one stupidly simple concept.  This concept is also fundamental to rapidly engaging multiple targets. The ability to engage multiple targets before they can react is essential to being effective in combat. Trigger reset again is the building block for this tactic. When the technique of rapidly switching aim from one target to the next is combined with the concept of trigger reset, you can quickly and accurately engage multiple targets. With one day at the range, I was able to effectively engage multiple targets with tight groups in a very short amount of time. This is a huge confidence boost! These are just a few of the many very important skills added to your arsenal, built from the simple concept of trigger reset. I have gained more from this one concept than many others combined, it is a great tool and I am very glad to have learned it."

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