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Tremis Dynamics Bug-Out

Tremis Dynamics Bug-Out


The Final X: This will be the last Bug-Out as we know it!

Bugging out is fun and exciting.....actually it's not. Which is why we never practice using our Bug Out Gear. Here's your chance to put your bag, and yourself, to the test. This is not an easy walk in the woods. It is approximately 12 miles of strenuous travel. If you are not in physical condition to make this, here is a reason to get in better shape. 

If you have attended the RTG 72 hour Emergency Kit Seminar or the Tremis Dynamics Bugout Primer you will be refunded $40 after signup. Please let us know in the Notes section at checkout when and where you attended this seminar.

Class size is limited to 10 students.

Since this class will be held in the early Spring and late Fall, expect colder, possibly wet weather, making it valuable training. It will give you the experience to better evaluate yourself and your Bug Out Gear.

Date & Location:
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If you are signing up for more than one student, or someone other than yourself, please add their name(s) in the Notes section at checkout.

Length: 2 Days
Time:  All Day
Type:  Hands-on Training, Camping, Survival
Audience: Everyone
Prerequisites:  None

What to Bring:  A fully stocked Bug Out Bag. After registration you will be emailed a link to the complete gear list.

Location(s): Slate Run, PA


Topics Covered:

  • Why Bug Out

  • Making a plan

  • Travelling and Navigation

  • Water needs

  • Shelter

  • Fire

  • Medical Considerations

  • Gear evaluation

  • Escape and Evasion principles

  • Stress inoculation

  • Other considerations


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