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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you teach and train?

It all boils down to a love for our country, as corny as that may sound.   In our military service, we have taught and worked with so many good people of other countries, but nothing compares to working with a mother who wants to be able to better protect her children, or the person who feels it is their duty to carry, but wants to do it responsibly.  We get a real satisfaction from being able to pass on what we have learned and experienced to our fellow citizens.  We feel that one of the greatest expressions of freedom is the ability to carry arms as a free man (or woman, as the case may be). It is an honor to be of service to our fellow countrymen and help them to better shoulder the responsibility of the Second Amendment.

What is the cost for classes/training?

Prices for each class is listed on the page for that class. Our open enrollment live-fire classes start at $275 for a 1-day class and $455 for a 2-day class, with variations dependent on the content and/or expenses involved in the class. Medical classes, seminars, and other classes vary. Please check class pages for pricing.
For private training/classes, the open enrollment prices are where we start, but prices will vary depending on the content of the training, as well as other factors (such as travel expenses and number of students). The farther we travel the price must go up, the more students and the price will go down.

Do you have classes for civilians?

All of our open enrollment classes are designed for civilians, unless specified.  There is no reason why good, law-abiding citizens can't receive world-class training.  We have had the privilege of representing you on the battlefront.  Now we want to share what we have learned with you for the homefront.   Our experience and lessons learned have a direct application for you.  When that moment comes in your life, you will want the confidence of being trained by the best.  In addition, we can customize and tailor classes for law enforcement and other groups.

Are your classes physically strenuous?

Some people have been concerned about not 'being in shape'. All of us could be in better shape.  The question you should ask yourself is, if someone was threatening me or my family right now, what would I do?  With that question in mind, you are in shape enough to train with us. Yes, a day at the range can be long and we will ask you to push yourself, but we will not expect you to do anything you can't do.  We would love to see the older gentleman in the wheelchair at the range, rather than at home watching TV.
We have had students who have medical conditions or are recovering from injuries, and can accommodate the needs of the individual.

Do I have to bring my own ammunition?

We do not provide ammunition for live-fire training.  Round counts for classes can be found on individual class pages.  You can also follow the link on class pages and buy through Ammo Supply Warehouse, have it shipped to us, and pick it up the day of training.  We suggest that you do not use steel-cased ammo, unless you are using an AK-type carbine.

All UTM ammunition for Force-on-Force training will be provided.

Do I need to bring my own personal firearms?

You must bring your own firearm to use in the classes.  We do not rent or loan firearms for use during training.  Make sure they are in good working order and are clean enough for a hard day's work.  We also suggest that you bring a backup in case you experience any malfunctions with your primary gun during training.  We have limited time and cannot stop training to fix anything but the simplest of problems.   You should bring a good cleaning kit for your gun.

What are your age requirements?

You must be 18 years old to attend any hands-on firearm classes.  We do make some exceptions, on a case-by-case basis.  This will be up to the discretion of Rockwell Tactical Group.  Let's face it -- there are some very mature and intelligent 14-year-olds, and some pretty dumb 35-year-olds.  In order to attend, the minor must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, and have permission granted by Rockwell Tactical Group prior to the class.

At what experience level do I need to be at to attend training?

It does not matter what level you are at.  We can take someone who has never touched a firearm before, and teach them how to confidently use it.  We can also work with someone who has years of experience in the military or law enforcement and help them to improve.  There is always something more to learn.   We have the background and experience to work with anyone at their level and help them to be a better shooter.

Where do I start?

We highly recommend that everyone attend one of our Rockwell Mindset Seminars. It will help you hone your real weapon – your mind.

Our curriculum is set up so that each individual student can work their way through the classes that they are interested in and feel are the most important.  Our live-fire classes are numbered like college courses, with 100-level, 200-level, 300-level classes. Prerequisites for classes are listed on class pages (or it is designated that there is no prerequisite). For each level, we recommend starting with the -01 class, then moving to whichever class in that level that you want, or moving on to the -01 class in the next level.

If you have questions about specific classes and your experience level, feel free to contact us.

What kind of facilities do we need to host training?

You can host us to come to your range and conduct training.  We have used gun clubs, public ranges and private ranges.  A site survey is required for us to come and use your range.  This can be very easy if you have a well-established range such as a gun club, or long-standing range.  For a private range, we will have to physically inspect it to make sure it will meet our safety standards.  We will make a strip map to the nearest medical facility that can treat a trauma patient.  We will also, as a courtesy, notify the local law enforcement that we will be conducting a class.

For seminars, we have used homes, offices, churches and classrooms. All we need is space, chairs for students, and electricity for visuals.

What do I do for lunch during all-day classes?

At most of the ranges we use, there are fast-food and other restaurants within close driving distance. We normally take a one-hour break for lunch to give students time to get food if they choose. Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch from home. There may or may not be refrigeration, depending on the range.

The one range that is the exception is Shooter’s Gauntlet in Towanda, PA. There is nowhere nearby to purchase lunch, so unless otherwise stated, lunch will be provided for classes at that location.

Is there lodging available near the range(s)?

If you are attending a class at Shooter’s Gauntlet in Towanda, PA, you can get a discounted rate at Crystal Springs Inn & Suites. Tell them you are attending a Rockwell Tactical Group class at Shooter’s Gauntlet when you call to make reservations.
At any other location, we suggest using a travel website to find the closest hotel or the best rate. Addresses to the ranges/facilities can be found on our Locations page.

How do I obtain a Statement of No Criminal History?

What we are looking for here is that you have proof that you can pass a background check. The easiest way to provide this is with a Concealed Carry Permit. If you do not have a permit, there are a few other options you have. You can go to your local Police Department or Sheriff to get a Statement of No Criminal History. They may charge you for a background check.

You can also use PA’s online background check system, PATCH (Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History). There is a fee of $22.00, and you will receive an electronic certificate that can be printed off, or downloaded and sent in with your ID. This service can be used by both PA residents and no-residents.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for a few of our classes. For our Pistol 101 and 102, and our Carbine 101 and 102 classes, we offer a discount when they are taken together. These are bundled together into our Pistol 103 and Carbine 103 classes, at a lower price than the two classes purchased separately.
When we first started running our 101 classes, we got a lot of feedback that it was too slow, and a lot of feedback that it was too fast. So, we split it into two classes. The 101 is slower, and geared toward newer shooters, while the 102 is faster-paced and geared toward the more experienced shooter. You can take both classes back-to-back in the 103, getting the slower first day, then reinforcing what you’ve learned and adding more on the second day.

We also offer discounts on couples or multiple students for some of our seminars.

We do not currently offer Military, Law Enforcement, or First Responder discounts. We are all citizens of the United States of America.

Occasionally, you can get discounts through some of our friends (Lanco Tactical, Ammo Supply Warehouse, etc.). We also have discounts for those who visit our booth (Booth 762) at the Great American Outdoors Show held in Harrisburg, PA in February of each year.

Do you offer memberships?

We do have memberships available. There are two levels that will get you discounts on live-fire classes, repeat classes, classes for new shooters, and more. Learn more about our membership options here.

If you have any other questions that we can answer for you, contact us here, or call us at (717) 405-2999.